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ANH Auditors-Consultants Ltd - ADAM Global Collaboration

ANH Auditors – Consultant Ltd is now officially the Cyprus associate for ADAM Global.

ADAM Global is a leading advisory firm assisting companies and entrepreneurs establish and expand their businesses internationally. Its core values of Transparency – Honesty – Integrity – Speed with Accuracy are fully compatible with the way ANH Auditors-Consultants Ltd does business making our membership a perfect match.

With over 100 members and integrated offices across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and a team of expert Advisors, Accountants, Lawyer and Financial Analysts, it enables its members’ clients to enhance their enterprise value and operate their business structures, finance vehicles and investment around the globe with ease and absolute peace of mind.

Adam Global’s highly efficient online worldwide delivery platform allows ANH Auditors – Consultant Ltd to share vast amounts of knowledge and expertise efficiently across ADAM Global Network offices around the world. This ensures synchronization of all project collaboration tools hence allowing us to deliver to our client base here in Cyrus comprehensive end-to-end services with speed and accuracy from any and all of ADAM Global Network offices around the world.

As a result of its growing reputation Adam Global and our qualified teams, enjoy unique relationships with numerous Government and intra-Governmental organizations, leading financial institutions, corporations and mid-size businesses.

Global Presence - Local Expertise
With operations around the world delivering comprehensive business solutions, with this collaboration we offer global expertise and understanding of local markets. Dedicated specialists are strategically positioned around the world to take care of all cross border business matters and assist clients to expand and establish their businesses seamlessly where ever they choose to, avoiding any potential pitfalls. ANH Auditors-Consultants Ltd will also be making available to Adam Global network its considerable expertise in Tax and Auditing matters relevant to Cyprus.

Emerging Markets Expertise & Connections
With ADAM Global’s offices across the emerging markets of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Middle East, ANH acquires deep rooted strategic business partnerships at both private as well as government levels. This allows us to capitalize on the potential offered by these emerging economies and hence transfer this value to our associates and clients. These emerging markets offer rapid growth with very little or no competition. Our expert associates work with clients to help them, in reaching out across borders, grow into these new markets, acquire new customers and capitalize on new opportunities.

Our collaboration with Adam Global not only extends ANH Auditors-consultants’ global reach but also enriches our resource pool. It allows us to offer clients who do business internationally access to local experts and business connections

If you are a business person in Cyprus, doing business abroad and you are looking for connections or local experts do not hesitate to contact us., We would be most pleased to discuss your needs and plans and offer you solutions based on our grand pool of resources and contacts.
Please direct all enquiries to Mr. Andreas Hadjimitsis FCCA at [email protected] or +357 22312400.

This press release was published in Nicosia, Cyprus on September 9, 2016.